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Nod Shooter Demo


Windows 8.1 (if your computer doesn’t have bluetooth LE hardware support, then you need to use one of the commercially available bluetooth LE dongles and install its driver)

NOTE: This demo is for the older Nod Windows Service version 1466. The link below will take you to the download page for that version. Please be patient as we update our examples to the new service, thank you!

Initial setup instructions:

A. Launching the demo:

  • Make sure the Nod ring is awake and advertising (you can test this by tapping the side of the ring and check that the red light shows up – Figure 1)

If you do not see a red light, hit a tactile (Figure 2) on the ring to wake it up.

Figure 2

  • Pair the ring to your system. You can do this by going to “Settings”, “Change PC settings”, “PC and devices”, “Bluetooth”. Ensure that all other Nod devices are removed before proceeding further. Find your device in the list of advertising devices, click on it, then click “Pair”. Once the progress bar is completed, the ring is shown as connected. Press Alt+F4 to close the “PC setting” window.
  • Open the “Nod configuration tool” from the system tray, and press “refresh”. Your Nod device “nod-nnn” which you connected in previous step should show here then.
  • Launch the Nod shooter demo(In the folder PCDirectToScreen, double click on ShooterWithMovement.exe to start)


  • If you are using the Oculus Rift headset, then open the folder named PCOculus and double click on ShooterWithMovement_DirectToRift.exe)
  • If the demo app doesn’t start, then go to task manager, kill the app and restart it.
  • To close the demo app, press Alt+F4

B. Playing instructions:

  • Wear the ring as shown in the Figure 3 with the side showing the red LED facing away from you.

When the app launches, make sure that your index finger is fully extended and pointing directly at the computer screen.Figure 3

  • If you did not have your hand oriented perpendicular to your display when the app was launched, put your hand in that orientation and press the reset button (Figure 4). If you are using the Rift, then ensure that your extended index finger is parallel to the side of the HDM when pressing the reset button.

While playing, if you want to reset the game, then you can press the reset button as explained above.Figure 4

  • Move your arm around and ensure that the weapon on your (computer or VR) display moves accordingly.
  • Press on the touch surface (one near the thumb – Figure 5) to shoot from the weapon.

Touch the slider (Figure 6) on the ring to move forward in the sceneFigure 5
Press on the top tactile (Figure 7) to go back in the sceneFigure 6
Note:Figure 7

  • The movements forward and backward are relative to the direction you are facing
  • To cycle through different weapons, touch the shoot button (Figure 5) and then rotate your wrist clockwise (or counter clockwise) (Figure 8)
  • Please note that you can shoot in gangster style by rotating your wrist

To disconnect your ring from the computer, go to system bluetooth menu (as explained in step A-2 above) and press “remove” on the connected ring.Figure 8