Nod Developer Center

Getting Started

This guide assumes the reader has working familiarity with:

How to run the Example App

Visit Github to access the contents of the package:

  • In the github package find the “test-bench” directory (if there are any errors please go to for help)
  • Follow the instructions in the file to run the test framework
  • Observe services and characteristics once you have scanned and connected to a device

Thank You for using Nod!

For any questions regarding this Linux service or Nod in general please email:

More information

This Getting Started guide is intentionally brief, demonstrating only a few basic operations. If you want to know more, these are some good places to continue exploring:

  • links to all our Software Development Kits. It also offers developer-focused support resources such as our IRC channel.
  • is a forum where you can discuss your questions and concerns with a community of Nodders, and others interested in developing software with Nod.