Nod Developer Center

Getting Started

This guide assumes the reader has working familiarity with:

How to run the Example App

Visit Github to access the contents of the package:

  • In the GitHub package find the “Example App” directory
  • Open the Example App xCode project and build it. (If there are any errors please go to for help)
  • Pair your Nod device to your iOS device via Bluetooth
  • Now run the app on your iOS device.
  • Click ‘Connect to Nod Device’ and choose your device
  • Click ‘Subscribe to Events’ and notice registration / logging of events in your xCode console. (nothing will change on your device)

Thank You for using Nod!

For any questions regarding this iOS service or Nod in general please email:

More information

This Getting Started guide is intentionally brief, demonstrating only a few basic operations. If you want to know more, these are some good places to continue exploring:

  • links to all our Software Development Kits. It also offers developer-focused support resources such as our IRC channel.
  • is a forum where you can discuss your questions and concerns with a community of Nodders, and others interested in developing software with Nod.