Gestures are the oldest language in the book. It’s time our computers were fluent.

We are looking for the bright, adept, and creative to help us stay ahead of human-computer communication and interaction—a problem that evolves, but is never solved. In virtual reality, augmented reality, smart homes and drones, the way we converse with our many machines has never been so important. Join us to push the dialogue, reframe the problem, create new standards, and bring soul to sophisticated technology.

Current Openings

  • Senior Robotics / Computer Vision / SLAM Engineer

    As a Senior Robotics / SLAM Engineer at Nod you'll be developing Visual Inertial Odometry, mapping and localization techniques in C++ for embedded devices to deal with highly dynamic environments. You will research design and implement algorithms for autonomous navigation, computer vision, deep learning, sensor fusion and distributed processing. We expect creativity in identifying and integrating sensing modalities for robotics algorithms. Expect to get involved with embedded OS-level constructs such as multithreading, scheduling, I/O and resource management.

    Required Skills:
    - MS or PhD in Computer Science, Robotics, or a related field or BS with 5+ years applicable industry experience.
    - 5+ years of practical software engineering experience with C++ in a Linux or Unix environment.
    - Expert in C++ programming (C++11 experience preferred)
    - Deep knowledge of modern SLAM and localization techniques.
    - Experience with probabilistic filtering and nonlinear optimization techniques.
    - Experience with the Machine Learning based SLAM systems.
    - Experience with the Robot Operating System (ROS).
    - Experience with software development on/with robotic and/or automation platforms.
    - Demonstrated expertise implementing efficient and scalable software and algorithms.
    - Working knowledge of a scripting language such as Python.
    - Experience with a nonlinear solver such as Ceres.
    - Experience reading and implementing published research.
  • Embedded / DSP Engineer

    As a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Engineer at Nod, you'll contribute to the implementation of a cross-platform (Movidius Myriad2, Qualcomm Hexagon, FPGA etc) DSP framework for production including developing the infrastructure necessary for porting and testing. You will also work with the Computer Vision and Machine Learning (ML) team to port algorithms efficiently on various embedded platforms and ensure compute and memory budgets are met through optimization and benchmarking.

    Required Skills:
    - MS in EE, Computer Science, or a related field or BS with 3+ years applicable industry experience.
    - Board Bringup and Device driver experience
    - Experience with Movidius Myriad / Qualcomm Hexagon or similar DSP
    - Familiarity with I2C/SPI interfaces
    - Bonus if you have experience with Machine Learning on DSPs or Microcontrollers