Gestures are the oldest language in the book. It’s time our computers were fluent.

We are looking for the bright, adept, and creative to help us stay ahead of human-computer communication and interaction—a problem that evolves, but is never solved. In virtual reality, augmented reality, smart homes and drones, the way we converse with our many machines has never been so important. Join us to push the dialogue, reframe the problem, create new standards, and bring soul to sophisticated technology.

Current Openings

  • Computer Vision Guru

    We are looking for Computer Vision Gurus. No you wont qualify if you know how to use OpenCV. You will need to understand algorithms and be able to invent new algorithms that are practical to use on very small form factor devices. MATLAB skills are important but implementing the algorithms in C/C++/Halide are as important. You will be pushing the boundaries of Object tracking, recognition and pose estimation, feature tracking, depth estimation, SLAM (monocular + stereo). Experience with machine learning algorithms such as SVM, decision forests, bayesian methods, convolutional neural networks etc will be a plus.
  • System Software Engineer

    This candidate will be developing/porting/optimizing the existing host code into new upcoming architectures. Ideal candidate has deep expertise in writing C++ code in a multi threaded (processor) environment.

    Required Skills:
    * Minimum 3 years experience
    * Solid understanding of programming language internals like the implementation of virtual tables, polymorphism, container objects (e.g. vectors, maps) and their runtime implications, exception handling and understand how intermediate representation like LLVM works.
    * Solid work experience in writing multi threaded code and managing shared resources.

    * Knowledge of ARM, x86 architecture and hardware accelerators (ISP, codecs, graphics etc).
  • Software Development Engineer in Test

    Integrate, build and maintain third party Android /iOS / Windows apps to internal source tree.
    Design & develop test automation framework for profiling, regressions & long run tests across multiple platforms. Experience in creating functional, regression & compatibility test plans
    Perform user story/ Demo validation including the use of exploratory test methodologies.
    Interface with developers and system architects to ensure applications are designed to be testable & released to public while ensuring SDK’s carry the right API’s, tags & documentation

    Required Skills:
    Development experience in C/C++/Java/Python
    Experience with Android/iOS SDK is a plus
    Experience working with consumer products is valuable
    Working knowledge of debugging and root cause analysis.
    Self-starter with superior attention & strong analytical skills who thrives on finding and resolving issues.
    At least Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Computer science or related
    At least 2-5 years of experience with Software Quality Assurance activities