We communicate human intent.

From a cozy, kinda messy lab in Menlo Park, our team experiments with new methods of tracking and translating movement (and what it means) each and every day. We respect technology and the humans using it equally.

We’re inspired by the idea of a product so completely tuned to a person, it dissolves, leaving only experience behind. We believe our role is to enable developers and content creators with tools that make their goals achievable, and bring their stories to life.

From virtual reality to drones and smart homes, Nod is redefining the way we converse with our machines. Read on to learn a bit more about our accomplished, ambitious team and advisors.

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Our Team

Relentless optimist and graduate of Fear Factor.
Anush Elangovan


With over 17 years of experience building innovative products, 30 patents pending or issued, and a couple of legendary mountains climbed, Anush is one of those “impossible is nothing” types. Prior to founding Nod Labs, he was part of the original Chromebooks team at Google, and a lead engineer at Agnilux, FireEye and Cisco.

Flying cars, people. That's all.
Harsh Menon


After developing sensor fusion algorithms to assist in autonomous flight, he joined Nod with the goal of quantifying and interpreting human movement. The statistical and analytical techniques he employed in aerodynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics are the underpinnings of Nod immersive VR.

He uses Amazon.
Subash Patel


Subash is a system software generalist who has built innovative products from the ground up. He has more than 14 years of experience in various responsibilities of software engineering. He has worked on and shipped great products at Sony, Motorola, TI & Samsung before he joined Nod in 2013.

Steven M. LaValle


UIUC Professor, Founder of the Motion Strategy Lab, and Former Chief Scientist at Oculus, Steve brings to Nod deep expertise in kinematic modeling, sensor fusion, robotics and human perception.

Jake IS Branberry. Shh.
Jake Kesinger, PhD


A full-stack data scientist with a PhD in Mathematics and Statistics, Jake is a critical part of our computer vision team, bringing over 16 years of career experience in applied mathematics. He currently lives in Maine with a tiny little dog named Branberry.

Kim: "It's spelled N-G." Everyone else: "Need more letters."
Kim Ng


UCSD Electrical & Computer Engineering Ph.D.. Interests are image processing, computer vision, and pattern recognition. He has over 16 years of relevant experience with publications and patents. He is skilled at developing robust algorithms that can be used in real-life systems.

Anna Yershova


UIUC Lecturer, former Oculus Research Scientist and consultant in the field of robotics, numerical methods, kinematics, sampling theory, motion planning, and AI, Anna strengthens Nod with an impressive repertoire of research, experience and expertise in the science of VR.

I like ramen
Thrishna Palissery

Embedded Software Engineer

At Nod Thrishna focuses on Embedded Software Development and algorithm optimizations on Movidius processors.

He tried minecraft modding once.
Eric Eaton


Eric is a silicon valley native who left briefly to get an EE degree at UCLA. He works on electrical designs and soldering when needed, but mostly firmware, and hardware/firmware debugging when no one is sure where the root cause is.

Director at Udacity
Christian Plagemann


Director at Udacity, helping to bring high quality education and new employment opportunities to the world at large scale. Previously co-founded the Virtual Reality team at Google and worked on Physical Interaction research — to make user interaction more direct, intuitive and enjoyable. Before that, worked on the Autonomous Car at the Artificial Intelligence Lab of Stanford University, co-founded the 3D Vision Lab and Numovis Inc., a tech startup focused on motion tracking and computer vision for user interaction. Received his PhD in computer science from the Department of Computer Science of the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Germany (Autonomous Intelligent Systems).

Akkas likes ramen
Akkas Uddin Haque

Computer Vision Engineer

Akkas works on SLAM at Nod

Aashik thinks that nobody can see him when he is wearing a VR headset.
Aashik Ramachandrappa


Aashik comes to us with an advanced degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He does work for us at the intersection of Apps, CV and Unity.

He is the BEST dancer at Nod for sure.... he is willing to put money on that.
Daniel Cavero


Born and raised in Venezuela and has Masters in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University. Daniel has previously been involved in projects in MEMS, formula race cars, and Hyperloop prototypes. Lead singer of newly formed band "Dark 20th".

She believes the world would be a better place if everyone had a Teddy Bear to hug.
Yuhang (Vivian) Zhang, PhD


Yuhang has a PhD degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. She has 6+ years of algorithm design and R&D experiences in AI, machine learning and computer vision. Expertise in image/video classification, object detection and recognition.

I can spend 2-3 hours playing ping pong but can't even spend 2 min on a treadmill and am eagerly waiting for a ping pong tournament at NOD
Niranjan Kotha


I am a Masters graduate from North Carolina State University with Electrical Engineering degree. I am interested in Computer Vision, Machine/Deep Learning and AR/VR. I am now working on Tracking algorithms using Visual SLAM techniques.

Beware if she asks to play Settlers of Catan for money...
Sneha Kumar


Sneha is a shiny, squeaky fresh grad from the University of Southern California with a Masters in Computer Science. That's where she discovered her fascination for all things gaming and VR. She spends most of her time these days trapped in an HMD. But when she does manage to pry herself free from them, she keeps hitting the team with bugs to fix up.



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  • John Wakerly
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