Positional Tracking for Mobile Virtual Reality

Hi-Speed Retina Camera
Vision Processor + Charging Base Station
Desktop tracking performance in a portable form factor

We built GOA to demonstrate that positional tracking for virtual reality can be both precise and portable. Real presence and interaction can be achieved without thousands spent on room-scale equipment, and an entire room sacrificed for your gaming habit. No fire-breathing PC necessary, just the smartphone in your pocket.


Partner Up

Partner with Nod and gain access to leading vision and motion scientists. We are a tight-knit team of PhDs, pioneers, and perfectionists with deep expertise bringing sophisticated software and hardware to consumers. We practice continuous, agile research and development of advanced gesture control and motion tracking methods via patented algorithms and mechanical design, giving our partners the competitive advantage of bleeding-edge technology and reduced time-to-market. Sound like a fit? Connect with us at partners@nod.com.

Start Developing

People buy new hardware for the promise of the experience it delivers, so we’re doing our part to enable content that is truly immersive. If you’re as passionate about VR, AR and the next great medium as we are, build a world with presence and interaction. And build it for the masses. Our Unity SDK and Project GOA dev kit is a great place to start.

Innovate Often

The way we see it, a compelling virtual world is one that offers all the sensory robustness of the real world: sight, sound, touch, and interaction with your environment. As technology providers, we aim to give our developers the best tools and let them unleash their creative vision. Our core competencies of computer vision, sensor fusion, and mechanical design position us well for solving tracking issues across categories--from virtual reality to drone navigation.

Develop With Nod

Whether you're developing for 3DoF or 6DoF, iOS or Android, we've got you covered.