AI powered Visual Intelligence and Spatial Sensing

Lightweight, small form factor and ultra low power
Deep Learning Inference Accelerator and Vision Processor
Global shutter camera synchronized with high precision 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

The Rover spatial sensing module is an AI powered, embedded tracking solution that senses the world around you with SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithms. Rover has the capability to positionally track controllers with millimeter precision. We made Rover into a small, wireless form factor so that it could be easily incorporated into your design.


Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Nod’s industry leading, patented motion tracking technology just got better.  We’ve spent years perfecting multi-sensor fusion, and we now have machine learning.  Using an embedded architecture enables us to run AI on the edge.  SLAM, spatial sensing, object identification and avoidance are just some of the uses for Nod’s Rover module.  When you use Rover powered by our Deep Learning Algorithms, you’ll see your hardware get smarter the more you use it.  Shorten your lead time to market, connect with us at

Hacker Friendly

Our office is filled with hard core hackers and true to that spirit, we want to make our platform “hacker friendly”.  Our SDK makes developing and integrating a pleasure. We support all major platforms.

AI + Computer Vision + Sensor Fusion

Nod is comprised of engineers that have launched some of the most recognizable products in the last decade. We've also seen the dark side of slow innovation and poor market selection. The Rover is designed to take your hardware solution and makes it better today and smarter tomorrow. Rover gives your product access to untapped markets and unexpected customers.

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Develop With Nod

Whether you're developing for walking, driving or flying on iOS or Android, we've got you covered.